In order to keep up to date with various technologies and services and the forever changing fast paced industry I work in, I work on various projects. Below are a few of the most recent and largest projects. Where possible I like to give back into the community mostly paying for services out of my own pocket to keep things free for anyone to use.

Latest Projects

Pentest.Training: Penetration Testing Lab -

A fully functioning penetration testing lab which is ever increasing in size, complexity and diversity. The lab has a fully functioning Windows domain with various Windows OS's. There is also a selection of Boot2Root Linux machines to practice your CTF and escalation techniques and finally, pre-built web application training machines.

Pentest Package -

A package of Pentest scripts I have made or commonly use. In no way an extensive list, just a place to help share the ones used most commonly. Any suggestions or scripts that people want adding I can look into it. I will also accept any improvements to any scripts I have written

Pentest eSkills - Still in development

An online course/classroom for learning and taking part in security training. Covering infrastructure, application and social engineering topics.  Also sporting a set of mock exams for common security qualifications using the same marking system/time limits and pass rates.

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