Capture The Flags

So, I have taken to participating in Security Capture The Flag events and competitions in my spare time. CTFs are a great way to learn and experience new real-life scenarios and environments. I personally prefer a smaller team when participating, with each member specializing in their own area.

But that’s not to say that being part of a larger team is not enjoyable, very often you find you are helping others learn. I just feel that if you have a massive team full of Sysadmins, that when fortifying your own server it turns into a case of “too many cooks spoil the broth”.

Below are the CTF competitions I have taken part in along with the final score/ranking.

We are now currently 1st. After a eat effort from the team, e have made our way to first place. keeping within the top 3 for around 4 years now.

If you haven’t tried it, then just head over to CTF365 and signup.

CTF365 – Rank 1st


StrategicSec – Rank 1st – PRIZE 3 free courses for 2014


Bug Bounties

Total Number of Bug Bounties: 2

  1. – Personal

  2. – Hall of Fame